hi! I'm emily. thanks for stopping by.

I am a psychotherapist, a coach, a yoga instructor, and a real-life human. I show up all day, every day for real conversations about things that are important to you, to our world, to social justice, and about all things that make being a human so great and so shitty.  I have a Master's of Arts in Counseling and am a Registered Yoga Instructor. I live in New Haven with my pup, Henri, and am always in search for the best fries in the city. let me know if you have any leads.  

so...what can I do for you?

I specialize in anxiety, depression, sexuality, gender issues, body issues, anxiety, and LGTBQ issues, but no topic is off limits since we want to break down any barriers keeping you from your truest self. I am here to see you, hear you, and help you find space to healing and discover all of you. 

I know...life is really hard, and it's hardest when you are hiding from yourself. I can say this because for the majority of my life, I was hiding from not only myself but from the rest of the world. it wasn't until so much of what i thought was "right" led to everything being completely wrong that I realized there is space to exist outside of the rules and expectations our culture lays so heavily on us before we're even aware it is happening. it was in finding this space-this freedom-that I found how much healing lives in being allowed to simply "be."

life is clearly not a blooming garden of unicorn rainbows and never becomes easy or less messy. but getting to show up and live just as you are makes everything...better. "better" looks like a deeper, more fulfilling, more connected, content existence. I've helped other people shift the energy around them, shed all of the bullshit and lies to move into this space of healing through psychotherapy, coaching, and yoga.  this is what I want to help you do: move through all the extra stuff that is weighing you down, be able to look yourself in the eye, and find home within your own skin. 

what the eff does that look like?

that's really up to you. you have a lot going on in your life so your sessions might look totally different from one day to the next based on what you need. one day you might need goal-oriented, logistical planning for an upcoming event and the next we might need to get on the mat and process through some hard emotions. we can get really "woo woo," use essential oils, and crystals or we can sit in chairs and chat. my bag of tricks is at your disposal.

if this sounds good to you, click here for more info...xxxoo, e