Hi, I'm Emily (she/they). Thanks for stopping by.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC #0004285), coach and writer working at the intersection of healing shame, spiritual embodiment, powerful truth-telling and deconstructing whiteness. 

I love people with all my feels and desire for everyone to be in and enjoy their bodies; to thrive while feeling rooted. I truly believe if we are to get free, we get free collectively.  I have a certification in sex therapy and extensive experience in addictive personalities/recovery and understand its impacts professionally and personally. I serve the queer population, am trans-friendly, sex-positive, trauma-informed and empath sensitive. I do embodiment work, identity (gender, race, sexuality) work and religious recovery/deconstruction. 

Most of our constructs (race, gender binary, beauty "norms," religion, etc.) are created, man-made and lacking in the creativity needed to capture the human experience. Looking at history clearly, we can understand that "whiteness" as a race construct is very much made up, gender as strictly a binary was human decided, but the impacts of power and privilege that come with being white or being cis-gender are very real. The same can be said for the power and privileges given to any individual that conforms (naturally or by choice) to these constructs as defined by society. 

I help folks own and reckon with this truth for full embodied liberation and spiritual healing .