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life can be confusing...

I say all the things people (particularly white, straight, hyper-religious people) shy away from discussing. being uncomfortable is hard, but in our current political climate it seems more necessary than ever that we get a lot more honest & uncomfortable. I conduct workshops to lead and grow conversations around shame, addiction, domestic violence, privilege and how it relates to all the -isms & phobias (sexism, feminism, ableism, lookism, homophobia, islamaphobia, etc.) 

I create dialogue and space for hard conversations. 

wishing you could create more conversation around hard topics with your employees, your sports team, church group, etc? I am here for that.

workshops include your choice of education, dialogue, breathing exercises/meditation and/or yoga. (holding hands & belting Beyoncé  is entirely optional.)


THIS MONTH: yoga fury

have you been feeling a little extra angry lately? with this current political climate, I cannot fathom why (#sarcasm). maybe you just got dumped or maybe rent prices are too high, but whatever the reason why you cannot shake the rage, Yoga Fury is for you. paired with loud rock and R&B, this neuroscience backed sweaty flow will be 90 minutes full of fist banging, bad humor,* and all your favorite four letter words to help release your anger and find your chill. come scream it out and then share a beer with your fellow yogis. we got you, boo.

when? saturday june 17, 2017

time? 630pm-830pm

where? loom yoga center//1087 flushing avenue

cost? $35 per yogi (with cost covering a beer with friend post 90 mins of yoga)

10% off for Loom Members

*if four letter words aren't your jam then this might not be your favorite.