Speaking + Education

Bringing Conscious Culture to You.

Corporations, non-profits, bible groups, small businesses are all experiencing a crisis of conscience as millennials and gen Z folks burst into the workplace and demand a more authentic, conscious work setting. Equity, authenticity and meaningful work are requirements for these generations and organizations built on outdated structures will soon fall behind if they cannot keep up.

Voicing the realities, the ideas that keep us separated in our groups can cause shame, be uncomfortable and cause  great confusion, but growth and progress rarely happen without discomfort. Using years of experience facilitating raw, real conversations I help groups sit with what needs to be said, heal and learn how to move forward in a more conscious, inclusive, integrated and genuine environment. 

I conduct workshops and speak on shame and white supremacy culture in order to grow group conversations around shame, addiction, domestic violence, privilege and how this is all inter-related to fear. Simply, I create space for hard conversations. 

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