psychotherapy + coaching

One-on-One Sessions

Our one-on-one psychotherapy coaching sessions cater to your needs. What we know is that shame [the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing you are intrinsically flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging, as defined by Brene Brown] is universal and only survives when unspoken. Together, we will speak your truth. Due to the constructs, labels, boxes & identities society puts on us & punishes us if we do not abide by it is a guarantee that we all feel shame. Shame readily comes up when folks begin to unearth & process how white supremacy culture has impacted & manifested within them; shame as related to gender identity, sexuality, anxiety, depression, religion, body image, addiction, imposter syndrome, lack of ability to communicate & more. 

Our sessions are informed by you & led by you. I believe our spirits' liberation lie in this work. Collectively & individually we are called to look within ourselves to shed all of the lies & masks we've struggled to keep in place so we are able to be better neighbors, better humans, better friends & better ancestors.  You are the expert on your life & together we will unearth the past that is holding you back, we will reclaim radical truth-telling as a standard of living & accountability as a measure of kindness & safety. 

These sessions will be 60-90 minutes long and can take place in person in New Haven, CT or via Skype or phone. Where we meet will depend on your preference and needs. Our first session is spent understanding what you're currently working through & how we believe your needs intersect with my work. From there we will work together to decide what areas you want to focus on & the frequency for which to meet. 

[available in person or by video.] 

sliding fee scale available.