psychotherapy + coaching

what we do here...

our coaching sessions cater to your needs. one day you might need clear, task-oriented, goal-setting for a difficult, upcoming business conversation and the next you might need to talk through emotions surrounding a hard relationship while moving through a couple of yoga poses. I combine energy, breath, body, and brain work to move you through challenging situations.  

you are an energetic being-- you know this because you might say someone "puts off a bad vibe" or you "just have a good/bad feeling about someone." together we pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, intuition, brain, and body to move through and process your emotions. when things get held inside our bodies, whether it is negative emotion, traumatic events, or what have you, this holding becomes an issue to your overall health (leading to discontentment, disordered eating, drug/alcohol abuse, etc). we can get as "weird" and "woo woo" as you like, incorporating essential oils, aromatherapy, crystals, etc or we can not. 

the process is informed by me but led by you. you are the expert on your life and together we unhitch you from your past shit holding you down and move you towards where you want to be in the future.

I work with the full spectrum of humanity and specialize in anxiety, depression, sexuality, gender issues, body issues, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, shame, loss of direction, and LGTBQ issues, but no topic is off limits. I am here to see you, hear you, and help you break down all barriers to find space to heal and be all of you.

[available in person or by video.] 

for individuals...

$160 per 50 minute session

four sessions paid up front (non-refundable): $590

for couples & families...

$200 per 55 minute session

four sessions paid up front (non-refundable): $750

sliding fee scale available.