Mindfulness + Meditation offerings

Part of our pain and suffering is rooted in our disconnection to our own bodies. I teach slow, meditative practices focused on breath and embodiment for people of all sizes, abilities, races and skill level.

Private and group meditation and mindful movement 60-90 minute sessions available. 

I am grateful to my teachers: Richard Schachtel in Seattle for my initial training in Iyengar yoga and Khushi Malhotra for teaching me with  patience, respect, love and compassion.

Despite what Instagram would have you believe, yoga was not made for or by thin, able-bodied white women in hot pants. However, due to our capitalistic culture yoga has been appropriated to sell clothes and an unattainable "beauty" standard to this group of women. The roots and ancient practice of yoga goes back centuries and is rooted in Southern Asia and Eastern Africa. The practice was always a wholistic ideology that largely focused on breathwork, meditation and a way of living. What we think of yoga today, the postures you might see in your local yoga class, were only born a hundred or so years ago under British rule in India. We owe much to the people who carried this originally oral tradition for years, those who were and are still oppressed for their beliefs and practices. It is because of them we know these healing arts in the U.S.