One-on-One Sessions

Our one-on-one sessions cater to your needs. I work with folks deconstructing their whiteness. 

Whiteness looks like:


Black and white, either/or thinking

Perpetual sense of urgency

Scarcity mindness, power hoarding

Gender binary with strict gender roles

The right to comfort

Fear of open conflict



Entitlement to take of time, space, conversation

“Good vibes only”

A belief that there is an ability to be objective

The right to being heard and your voice valued

Whiteness can be passed generation to generation or forced by assimilation, etc. I help folks find themselves, their authentic truth outside of the power dynamics and myths of whiteness. Together, you will speak your truth, unearth the past that is holding you back and reclaim radical truth-telling as a standard of living, accountability as a measure of kindness and safety. 

These sessions will be 60-90 minutes long and can take place in person in New Haven, CT or via Zoom or phone. Where we meet will depend on your preference and needs. Our first session is spent understanding what you're currently working through & how we believe your needs intersect with my work. From there we will work together to decide what areas you want to focus on & the frequency for which to meet. 

[available in person or by video.] 

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